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Past News

◼️ 2024.01.07  Congrats:D3 Matsuoka's paper was accepted by Chem. Lett.

◼️ 2023.12.12  Congrats:D3 Matsuoka's paper was accepted by Chem. Eur. J.

◼️ 2023.11.14  Participated in the 3rd meeting of the Kinki Chemical Society Organic Metals Subcommittee. Professor Hashimoto gave a presentation.

◼️ 2023.11.10  Participated in the 27th Silicon Chemistry Society Symposium. Our laboratory presented a poster on the research results of Fontanillia (D1).

◼️ 2023.10.26  We held an imoni party that also served as a welcome party for third-year students.

◼️ 2023.10.23  I went to Akiu Onsen on a class trip.

◼️ 2023.10.20  We held our annual disaster prevention drill.

◼️ 2023.10.11  Congrats:Assistant Professor Nagata received the Lecture Award at ICPAC 2023.

◼️ 2023.10.07  Congrats: Graduate student Omura-kun's paper was accepted by Chem. Asian J.

◼️ 2023.10.02  Congrats: Five new third-year students have been assigned. Thank you for your continued support.


◼️ 2023.09.12  Assistant Professor Nagata participated in ICPAC 2023 and gave an oral presentation (Keynote).

◼️ 2023.09.29  Congrats: Kajiwara (M1)Tohoku Regional Convention 80th Anniversary International Conference in Excellent Poster Awards was awarded.congratulations【University major homepage].

◼️ 2023.09.26  Congrats: A co-authored paper with graduates Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Yoshimoto, and Mr. Matsuo of Kindai University was accepted by Chem. Eur. J magazine.

◼️ 2023.09.26  Congrats: Nagata and Hashimoto wrote about the latest topics in the October issue of Monthly Chemistry.

◼️ 2023.09.21  73rd Coordination Chemistry SymposiumI participated in. From our laboratory, Matsuoka (D3), Fukushi (M2), and Saito (M2) gave oral presentations.

◼️ 2023.09.13  69th Organometallic Chemistry SymposiumI participated in. From our laboratory, Sato (D3) gave an oral presentation.

◼️ 2023.09.13  Participated in ICPAC-Bali2023. Nagata from our laboratory gave an invited lecture (Keynote).

◼️ 2023.09.08  Chemical Society Tohoku Regional Conference/Chemical Society of Japan Tohoku Branch 80th Anniversary International ConferenceI participated in.From our laboratory, Ishiwatari (D1), Otsuka (M2), Mitake (M2), Kajiwara (M1), and Ono (M1) gave poster presentations.

◼️ 2023.08.08  Our laboratory hosted a chemistry classroom general magazine conference lecture. Hashimoto, Komuro, and Nagata had a discussion.         Prof. Dr. Paul Hayes (U. of Lethbridge) gave a lecture. Thank you very much.

◼️ 2023.07.28  CongratsWe held a gyoza party as a farewell party for the graduate school exams. Good luck to everyone in B4!

◼️ 2023.07.04  Our laboratory and Yoshikai Laboratory held a general magazine conference lecture. Hashimoto, Komuro, and Nagata had a discussion. Prof. Dr. Daniel J. Mindiola (U. of Pennsylvania) gave a lecture. Thank you very much.

◼️ 2023.07.01  Congrats: Monthly Kagaku July issueMr. Nagata wrote a paper that attracted attention.

◼️ 2023.06.15  Nozoe Cup 1st round: We played a match against analytical chemistry. Unfortunately, we lost in the first match, but it was a lot of fun. thank you for your hard work.

◼️ 2023.06.02 Congrats: To commemorate the 50th laboratory seminar, we invited Professor Koe Julian from International Christian University to give a special lecture. After the lecture, we held a social gathering with Professor Julian to deepen our friendship. thank you very much.

◼️ 2023.05.26  Participated in the 40th Inorganic/Analytical Colloquium. Sato, a D3 student from our laboratory, gave a presentation.

◼️ 2023.05.10  Congrats: We held a farewell party for Alexandra.

◼️ 2023.04.28  Congrats: Graduate students Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. Inomata's paper was accepted by Organometallics.

◼️ 2023.04.24  The latest research results on the Department of Chemistry website, Faculty of Science, have been updated.                      

◼️ 2023.04.17  Congrats: Participated in a sports tournament as a joint team of Hashimoto Lab and Hihara Lab. 

◼️ 2023.03.22 We joined "The 103rd Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan". Sato and Fontanilla presented.

◼️ 2022.10.01  New six members (B3) joined HH group. Enjoy chemistry! "Member" was updated!

◼️ 2022.09.17  We attended the "Joint Meeting of the Tohoku Area Chemistry Societies".

                           Osuka (M1) and Fukushi (M1) presented. "Presentations" was updated!

◼️ 2022.09.01  Congrats : An article by Sato (D2) was accepted to Organometallics for publication. "Publications" is updated.

◼️ 2022.08.12  Congrats : Mr. Matsuoka (D2) won the Best Poster Award. "Awards" was updated!

◼️ 2022.08.07  We attended an ACCC-8. Prof. Hashimoto (invited), Mr. Sato, and Mr. Matsuka (D2) presented.

                          "Presentations" was updated!

◼️ 2022.06.20  We attended the Scholars Frontiers in Chemistry Forum in German. Dr. Nagata gave oral presentations (invited).

◼️ 2022.06.13  Congrats : An article by a former student (Mochizuki) was accepted to Dalton Transactions for publication.

                           "Publications" is updated.

◼️ 2022.05.28 The 39th Colloquium on Inorganic Analytical Chemistry was hosted by our laboratory.

                           【 Prof. Kyushin (Gunma Univ.), Prof. Nishibayashi (Univ. of Tokyo),

                             Prof. Tanabe (Fukushima Medical Univ.), Prof. Sakamoto (Tohoku Univ.), Prof. Kino (Tohoku Univ.)

           The event was held in a hybrid. Mr. Matsuoka (D2) gave a presentation from our laboratory.

                             Thank you very much for your participation.
◼️ 2022.04.23 Our recent research was featured on the website of the Department of Chemistry, Tohoku University.
         "Design and synthesis of iridium complex catalysts supported by silicon-based chelate ligands for functionalization
                           of C–H bonds of alkylphosphine
◼️ 2022.04.01 "Members" was updated.
◼️ 2022.03.23 We joined "The 102nd Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan".
◼️ 2022.03.22 Congrats : We held a virtual farewell party. 
◼️ 2022.02.18 Congrats : Mr. Fontanilla (M1) won the Poster Award (The Science and Life Science Joint Symposium 2022).
◼️ 2021.12.16 We attended The 2021 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Pacifichem) at Hawaii.                                         Prof. Hashimoto and Dr. Nagata gave oral presentations, Sato (D1) and Matsuoka (D1) gave poster presentations.
◼️ 2021.11.16 Dr. Nagata attended a the 6th workshop for young researcher's at Kyoto University (online).
                          Ass. Prof. Nagata gave an invited lecture. 
◼️ 2021.11.09 We attended a lecture of Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuzaka (Osaka Prefecture University) 
                        (host: Prof.
 Hashimoto at school of Science). 
◼️ 2021.10.08 Congrats : Mr. Hayasaka and Mr. Nishihara (M1) won the Poster Award. "Awards" was updated!
◼️ 2021.10.01 New six members (B3) joined HH group. Enjoy chemistry! "Member" was updated!
◼️ 2021.10.01 We attended Area Chemistry Society. Hayasaka and Nishihara (M1) presented. "Presentations" was updated!
◼️ 2021.09.19 Congrats : Mr. Sato (D1) won the Poster Award.
◼️ 2021.09.19 The 71st JSCC Conderence (online).
◼️ 2021.09.08 Congrats : The recently our research paper by Asagami and Higashi was accepted to Organometallics. ​​
◼️ 2021.08.28 We attended a lecture of
Prof. Paul G. HAYES (University of Lethbridge, Canada) (virtual visit, host: Prof.        
                         Iwamoto at school of Science). Prof. Hashimoto, Dr. Komuro and Dr. Nagata also attended a personal discussion

                          with Prof. HAYES.
​◼️ 2021.07.28 Prof. Hashimoto gave a mock class for high school students at the online Tohoku University Open House.

◼️ 2021.07.01 Congrats : Highlight review in Chem. Lett. was selected as a Inside Cover.
◼️ 2021.07.01 Congrats : Dr. Nagata was adopted as a Prominent Research Fellow.
◼️ 2021.06.25 "Laboratory Introduction Movie" was released.
◼️ 2021.06.08 "Group Photo" was updated.
◼️ 2021.06.04 All members of our group joined the 38th Colloquium on Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry (Online).                                                  Ass. Phof. Nagata gave an invited lecture.
◼️ 2021.04.06 "Publications" was updated.
◼️ 2021.04.01 "Members" was updated.
◼️ 2021.04.01 Congrats : Dr. Komuro has been promoted to a lecturer
◼️ 2021.03.25 Congrats : We held a social gathering at ZOOM. 
◼️ 2021.03.22 The 101st Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan (online).
◼️ 2021.03.03 Congrats : Mr. Saito (B4) won the Hirama Award
◼️ 2021.02.19 Joint Symposium on Science and Life (online).
◼️ 2020.12.24 Congrats : Highlight review was accepted to Chemistry Letters.
◼️ 2020.11.09 Mr. Fontanilla joined us as an international student. "Members" was updated.
◼️ 2020.10.01 Congrats : Mr. Omura (M2) won the poster award at the Tohoku Regional Convention.
◼️ 2020.10.01 New six members (B3) joined HH group. Enjoy chemistry!
◼️ 2020.08.06 Congrats : The recently research paper by Mr. Sato (M2) was accepted to Chemistry Letters. 
◼️ 2020.07.10 We provided a video for the open campus. (Click here for related websites)
◼️ 2020.07.03 The homepage was updated. (Click here for the old HP )
◼️ 2020.04.01 Mr. Asami joined as the new M1. "Members" was updated.
◼️ 2020.04.01 Congrats : Dr. Koichi Nagata joined as an assistant professor.
◼️ 2020.04.01 Celebration : Hashimoto Lab has started.

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