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@ Group photo (2023.3.3)

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Lab Introduction Movie @Open House in 2021

◼️ 2023.06.26  We attended the "The 40th Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Colloquium".

                           Sato (D3) presented. "Presentations" was updated!

◼️ 2023.04.28  Congrats : An article by Dr. Miyazaki and Dr. Inomata was accepted to Organometallics for publication.                

                           "Publications" is updated.

◼️ 2023.01.01  Congrats : An article by Omura was accepted to Organometallics for publication. "Publications" is updated.

◼️ 2023.04.01 "Group Photo" was updated.

◼️ 2023.03.22 We joined "The 103rd Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan". Sato and Fontanilla presented.

◼️ 2022.10.01  New six members (B3) joined HH group. Enjoy chemistry! "Member" was updated!

◼️ 2022.09.17  We attended the "Joint Meeting of the Tohoku Area Chemistry Societies".

                           Osuka (M1) and Fukushi (M1) presented. "Presentations" was updated!

◼️ 2022.09.01  Congrats : An article by Sato (D2) was accepted to Organometallics for publication. "Publications" is updated.

◼️ 2022.08.12  Congrats : Mr. Matsuoka (D2) won the Best Poster Award. "Awards" was updated!

◼️ 2022.08.07  We attended an ACCC-8. Prof. Hashimoto (invited), Mr. Sato, and Mr. Matsuka (D2) presented.

                          "Presentations" was updated!

◼️ 2022.06.20  We attended the Scholars Frontiers in Chemistry Forum in German. Dr. Nagata gave oral presentations (invited).

◼️ 2022.06.13  Congrats : An article by a former student (Mochizuki) was accepted to Dalton Transactions for publication.

                           "Publications" is updated.

◼️ 2022.05.28 The 39th Colloquium on Inorganic Analytical Chemistry was hosted by our laboratory.

                           【 Prof. Kyushin (Gunma Univ.), Prof. Nishibayashi (Univ. of Tokyo),

                             Prof. Tanabe (Fukushima Medical Univ.), Prof. Sakamoto (Tohoku Univ.), Prof. Kino (Tohoku Univ.)

           The event was held in a hybrid. Mr. Matsuoka (D2) gave a presentation from our laboratory.

                             Thank you very much for your participation.
◼️ 2022.04.23 Our recent research was featured on the website of the Department of Chemistry, Tohoku University.
         "Design and synthesis of iridium complex catalysts supported by silicon-based chelate ligands for functionalization
                           of C–H bonds of alkylphosphine
◼️ 2022.04.01 "Members" was updated.
◼️ 2022.03.23 We joined "The 102nd Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan".
◼️ 2022.03.22 Congrats : We held a virtual farewell party. 
◼️ 2022.02.18
Congrats : Mr. Fontanilla (M1) won the Poster Award (The Science and Life Science Joint Symposium 2022).
◼️ 2021.12.16 We attended The 2021 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Pacifichem) at Hawaii.                                         Prof. Hashimoto and Dr. Nagata gave oral presentations, Sato (D1) and Matsuoka (D1) gave poster presentations. 
◼️ 2021.11.16 Dr. Nagata attended a the 6th workshop for young researcher's at Kyoto University (online).
                          Ass. Prof. Nagata gave an invited lecture. 
◼️ 2021.11.09 We attended a lecture of
Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuzaka (Osaka Prefecture University)
                          (host: Prof.
 Hashimoto at school of Science). 
◼️ 2021.10.08 Congrats : Mr. Hayasaka and Mr. Nishihara (M1) won the Poster Award. "Awards" was updated!
◼️ 2021.10.01 New six members (B3) joined HH group. Enjoy chemistry! "Member" was updated!
◼️ 2021.10.01 We attended Area Chemistry Society. Hayasaka and Nishihara (M1) presented. "Presentations" was updated!
◼️ 2021.09.19
Congrats : Mr. Sato (D1) won the Poster Award.
◼️ 2021.09.19
The 71st JSCC Conderence (online).
◼️ 2021.09.08 Congrats : The recently our research paper by Asagami and Higashi was
 accepted to Organometallics. 




Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

@ Aobayama Campus

◼️ Address


6-3 Aramaki Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Tohoku University Graduate School of Science Joint Building C 6th Floor

Prof. Hisako Hashimoto (S609 )

Lec. Takashi Komuro (S606 )

Ass. Prof. Koichi Nagata (N607)

◼️ Transportation access

・ Sendai City Subway Tozai Line

About 9 minutes from Sendai Station to Aobayama Station (for Yagiyama Zoological Park)

About 3 minutes from Aobayama Station to Joint C Building


・ Taxi

About 15 minutes from Sendai Station


Hashimoto Laboratory is open for new students and postdoctoral feollow.
If you are interested in the our laboratory, please feel free to contact us.

* Click here for the homepage of the former Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (Tobita Laboratory).

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