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@ Group photo (2023.3.3)

Screenshot 2021-06-28 22.46.19.png

Lab Introduction Movie @Open House in 2021


◼️ 2024.01.07  Congrats:D3 Matsuoka's paper was accepted by Chem. Lett.
◼️ 2023.12.12  Congrats:D3 Matsuoka's paper was accepted by Chem. Eur. J.
◼️ 2023.11.14  Participated in the 3rd meeting of the Kinki Chemical Society Organic Metals Subcommittee. Professor Hashimoto gave a presentation.
◼️ 2023.11.10  Participated in the 27th Silicon Chemistry Society Symposium. Our laboratory presented a poster on the research results of Fontanillia (D1).
◼️ 2023.10.26  We held an imoni party that also served as a welcome party for third-year students.

◼️ 2023.10.23  I went to Akiu Onsen on a class trip.
◼️ 2023.10.20  We held our annual disaster prevention drill.
◼️ 2023.10.11  Congrats:Assistant Professor Nagata received the Lecture Award at ICPAC 2023.
◼️ 2023.10.07  Congrats: Graduate student Omura-kun's paper was accepted by Chem. Asian J.
◼️ 2023.10.02  Congrats: Five new third-year students have been assigned. Thank you for your continued support.
◼️ 2023.09.12  Assistant Professor Nagata participated in ICPAC 2023 and gave an oral presentation (Keynote).
◼️ 2023.09.29  Congrats: Kajiwara (M1)Tohoku Regional Convention 80th Anniversary International Conference in Excellent Poster Awards was awarded.
congratulations【University major homepage].
◼️ 2023.09.26  Congrats: A co-authored paper with graduates Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Yoshimoto, and Mr. Matsuo of Kindai University was accepted by Chem. Eur. J magazine.
◼️ 2023.09.26  Congrats: Nagata and Hashimoto wrote about the latest topics in the October issue of Monthly Chemistry.
◼️ 2023.09.21  73rd Coordination Chemistry SymposiumI participated in. From our laboratory, Matsuoka (D3), Fukushi (M2), and Saito (M2) gave oral presentations.
◼️ 2023.09.13  69th Organometallic Chemistry SymposiumI participated in. From our laboratory, Sato (D3) gave an oral presentation.
◼️ 2023.09.13  Participated in ICPAC-Bali2023. Nagata from our laboratory gave an invited lecture (Keynote).
◼️ 2023.09.08  Chemical Society Tohoku Regional Conference/Chemical Society of Japan Tohoku Branch 80th Anniversary International ConferenceI participated in.

From our laboratory, Ishiwatari (D1), Otsuka (M2), Mitake (M2), Kajiwara (M1), and Ono (M1) gave poster presentations.

◼️ 2023.08.08  Our laboratory hosted a chemistry classroom general magazine conference lecture. Hashimoto, Komuro, and Nagata had a discussion.
         Prof. Dr. Paul Hayes (U. of Lethbridge) gave a lecture. Thank you very much.
◼️ 2023.07.28  
CongratsWe held a gyoza party as a farewell party for the graduate school exams. Good luck to everyone in B4!
◼️ 2023.07.04  Our laboratory and Yoshikai Laboratory held a general magazine conference lecture. Hashimoto, Komuro, and Nagata had a discussion.
 Prof. Dr. Daniel J. Mindiola (U. of Pennsylvania) gave a lecture. Thank you very much.

◼️ 2023.07.01  Congrats: Monthly Kagaku July issueMr. Nagata wrote a paper that attracted attention.


Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

@ Aobayama Campus

◼️ Address


6-3 Aramaki Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Tohoku University Graduate School of Science Joint Building C 6th Floor

Prof. Hisako Hashimoto (S609 )

Lec. Takashi Komuro (S606 )

Ass. Prof. Koichi Nagata (N607)

◼️ Transportation access

・ Sendai City Subway Tozai Line

About 9 minutes from Sendai Station to Aobayama Station (for Yagiyama Zoological Park)

About 3 minutes from Aobayama Station to Joint C Building


・ Taxi

About 15 minutes from Sendai Station


Hashimoto Laboratory is open for new students and postdoctoral feollow.
If you are interested in the our laboratory, please feel free to contact us.

* Click here for the homepage of the former Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (Tobita Laboratory).

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